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Jeans & Co.

I didn’t intend to dress them the same.  I chose Asher’s outfit, then chose Ellery’s outfit on the basis that he was going to outgrow them soon, then realised they kind of matched.  So for fun put the red socks on Ellery to match Asher’s red shoes :)

Don’t they look quite similar here?

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

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House to House

Our long awaited playdate finally materialised after several weekends of clashing schedules.  In the end Jane, Kaizer and Titus came over to our place in the evening on a weekday.  Was good to catch up with Jane while the boys played.  Plus, adult conversations when children are around is quite rare.  Often when there are kids around people just want to talk about children, and then they might be left with the impression that people with kids only talk about kids.  But actually, we are more than capable of, and often want to talk about other things!!

Dinner worked out well, and I’m happy all the boys found something to eat :)  Looking forward to the next date!

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Anya had a bubble filled birthday, thanks to a very enthusiastic bubble blowing machine!  Asher was delighted to see that Thomas, James and Percy were also invited to the party and I had to pry him away from their company quite often so that others could spend time with them as well.  He also thoroughly enjoyed cutting (wooden) fruit and veggies for the party.  Had it been a real knife he would have cut his hand terribly cos he kept on holding it by the blade.   And we also started to ‘grow’ genetically modified produce – half lemon half pear, half mushroom half carrot.   Del gave us very strange looks ;)

Ellery slept throughout cos I put him in the sling.  So it was tote one, play with the other :)

All in all it was good fun!  Anya’s birthday cake was a clever gathering of little Hello Kitty cakes into the shape of an ‘A’.  Asher and I happily munched on our square of cake at the grandparents house later, leaving just a teeny bit for Jon ;)

The cousins (minus one).  Just look at how many kids there are now!

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Ellery’s been living up to his name.  He’s a cheerful little boy, very contented, and I’m not sure whether it’s because of the more welfare-style treatment he’s receiving or whether he’s really like that, but he seems easier to handle than Asher. 

Cheerful:  Now that he’s started smiling, it doesn’t take much to elicit a big, toothless smile out of him.  He particularly loves it when you make sustained eye contact with him.  He’s also very very ‘talkative’.  I don’t remember Asher being as chatty as that.  Just stare into Ellery’s eyes and he’ll start to ooh, aah, gaah, and kaah at you.  I think it’s especially cute when he goes “ooooooooooooouuuuuuu” while making his mouth into a tiny ‘o’ :)  It makes his already chubby cheecks look even chubbier.

Contented:  He will actually sit in the rocker for up to 15mins without fussing.  Think that’s longer than Asher ever did.  He’ll also happily listen in on our conversations and gaze on as Asher does his crazy stuff :)  He loves bathing, and never fusses at all in the bath!  I really think that might be his favourite time of the day.   Generally his temperament seems milder than fiesty Asher.  Already when it comes to the bottle Ellery’s taken to it so easily.  No fighting.  No issue at all.  With Asher it was a massive struggle that he eventually won.  He didn’t take to the bottle.  (And I’m so grateful Ellery accepts the bottle cos that gives me the chance to bring Asher out alone to go swimming or for other activities that Ellery is too young to participate in yet.  Though like my Mum says, “when you take to the bottle, you get left behind” :)  True, but we agree its necessary with two.)

Easier to handle:  This is a moot point since we’re being much more ‘welfare’ with him than we were with Asher.  At night, the minute he squeaks I pick him up and sooth him/nurse him.  With Asher we tried the crying it out method.  It worked for a while, and Asher was sleeping through the night by 2 months (but if you’ve followed my posts you’ll know that was short lived).  Ellery on-the-other-hand, is still waking multiple times at night to nip.  I’ve also not been diligent about the feed-wake-sleep thing.  I’ve come to just be very very heck care about the whole thing.  Whatever gets him to sleep, I say!  He often nurses to sleep in the day (and at night too actually).  I think I’ll just deal with it when the time comes.  I’ve not enough energy to be fussing about his so-called proper cycles.  I think if I tried to enforce it with as much fervour as with Asher I’d have no energy to deal with Asher when he’s home from school.  So Ellery gets carried a whole lot more too. 

But like Asher he doesn’t nap for long.  Put him down and he wakes soon after.  The only place he sleeps well is on our bed (these babies…know a good thing when they get it – spring mattresses are certainly more comfortable than their cot sponge mattresses.  He can actually take longer naps if I nurse him to sleep there (doesn’t always work if I nurse him while holding him, then put him down). 

Size wise he’s definitely bigger than Asher.  Just look at the folds on his arms in the pictures below!  And he’s already outgrowing many of the clothes that Asher could wear for months on end.  Hmm…wonder if it’ll taper off, or he’ll really end up towering over Asher.  Funny how they are both fed the same way, but one seems to grow faster than the other. 

Looks wise, you can probably tell that they are siblings.  There are definitely similarities.  But there’s a slightly different look about Ellery too.  Same same but different!

I see how Ellery grows and I learn first hand the truth of what everyone says – every child is different even within the same family!  You can do the same things as a parent, but the child will turn out differently.

Vive la difference!

Think he looks like Asher here?

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