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An unexpected development on the home front.  We sent our helper home.  Our instincts proved right.  Won’t go into the details here, but suffice to say it was definitely a right decision and we’re glad Asher’s safe and the house is intact.  It all happened in the span of an afternoon.  So we suddenly found ourselves without help for cooking and other household chores – her areas of responsibility.

Though there’s more work to do now that she’s gone, the vibe of the house feels better, and I’m feeling happier, even though more tired.  So far even though I still bring Asher for outings, I’ve managed to cook dinner still, both Asher’s and ours, and we’re managing to keep up with laundry and the house feels decently clean.  It takes a bit more planning and effort, but so far we’re ok.  I usually clean the house after Asher sleeps.  Cooking time involves Asher.  He helps to wash the rice, scoop seeds out from the papayas, etc.  When he can’t help directly, he gets to ‘mix flour’ with empty containers, and ‘chop fruit’ on a chopping board.  Laundry time also includes Asher.  He enthusiastically helps put the laundry into the machine, and helps to transport the clean, dry clothes to our bed for folding.  Found it adorable seeing him run to and fro the kitchen and bedroom carrying little piles of clothing :)  Think this is healthy for him, but I do wonder if and when the novelty will wear out for all of us. 

We have inevitably had to tweak one house rule – no entering the kitchen.  Since I now have to be in there preparing food and cooking, I can’t possibly keep an eye on him when he’s running around the living room.  So he joins me in the kichen, either munching on snacks or helping out. 

He does get a bit upset when I can’t play with him immediately cos I need to clean up a bit, but I hope he’ll get used to it, and I hope I can come up with an even more efficient way of handling things so that such times are minimised. 

The past few days have been challenging, but not unpleasant.  Jon’s overseas for a few days, so it’s just me and Asher.  Thank goodness his trip straddles the weekend, so I could take a bit of a breather from things cos we usually visit Jon’s Dad and my parents.  Even then, I had to head home on Saturday while Asher was napping to clean up the house (I just can’t stand a dusty house!).

Not sure what the plan is for when Baby number 2 comes, but in the meantime we’re looking around for a part-time cleaner who can also help with ironing (I hate ironing!!!) and perhaps a tingkat service for some of the days.  Of course if all else fails, we could always do what we used to do before we had kids – get food from the market. 

Please pray for energy, strength, ingenuity, and lots of patience!!

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Phototaking day.  Asher doesnt’t actually have his own set of the uniform, but thankfully our neighbour’s son had a set she could spare us for the day.

More “growing up” moments ;)

Doing splits on the way to school =)

 Happy in his borrowed uniform

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We arranged for an extended family outing to the Esplanade for the kids catch a PLAYtime! production called “The Kingdom Under My Bed”.  I didn’t realise that PLAYtime! productions were put up by various theatre companies.  This time around, it was Teater Ekamatra, a different group from the one which did The Magic Island.  I felt that it was not as good as The Magic Island.  The storyline was complicated, there were very many characters, the actors sometimes spoke too quickly and with poor pronunciation, and some characters (one in particular) seemed to scare plenty of the kids (they started wailing and crying when that character came out!  Aidan let known his opinion by simply raising his hand and saying, “Stop!”).  The parts that appealed more were probably when there were songs, and when they showed some shadow-puppetry.  Ironically, the character that stuck the most in Asher’s mind was the bunny rabbit, who was actually a character created to allow the backstage guy to bring props on and off the stage. 

Next time, I’ll make sure to find out who is putting up the PLAYtime! performance before deciding to go for the show.

After the performance, we had lunch together before hanging out by the bay area.  Good thing there were 6 adults, and we could take turns making sure the kids didn’t trip on the steps and tumble into the water! :)  And as it was a super hot day, and ice cold fruit slushes from Chill Out! were the perfect remedy.  I like that the slushies are made from pure fruit juice, so even though they are a little bit pricey, you feel like you’re having a healthy option while cooling down.

There’s the merlion!  (But they’re pointing in diff directions, hmm)

Making sure they don’t topple into the bay :)

The IR looming behind

Merlion in the distance

We should be paid for these series of pics!  Free advertising – endorsement by kids!
Stuck to their straws.  Anya looking very demure here :)

 Stripey Father & Son :)

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