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Being Specific

We’ve found that Asher’s particular about the source of his milk and he’s learned to make known his preferences. For the last couple of months, when he wants milk he’ll say, “muk muk”. He calls me, “Ma Ma”, so when he wants to nurse he says, “ma muk” – mummy’s milk.

I was quite intrigued when I first realised it was consistent. He’d always be asking for “ma muk, ma muk” around naptime and bedtime. Then around the times he usually takes his FM, he’d ask for “muk muk”. If he sees his cup of milk he’ll point and say, “muk”. Try to give him “muk” when he wants “ma muk” and you’re in for a fight. But “ma muk” trumps “muk” anytime :)

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Pics to Share

Just some pics to share. Actually there are many many more I’d like to upload, but I happened to come across these first, so here they are!

Asher saying, “Maaaamaaaaaa” and bouncing up and down excitedly :)

Needing a haircut. I subsequently cut his hair for the 5th time in 14 months!! Some of the babies I know haven’t had a single hair cut! Too much protein??

“This lens cap is mine!”

Caught on camera! Asher munching on his foot in the backseat.

Look at his big grin when he realised he was caught! :)

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Box Me In!

We’ve discovered the joys of online grocery shopping! NTUC Fairprice online is such a convenient way to stock up on non-perishables (esp heavy/bulky stuff like washing detergent, softener, diapers, etc) and dry food (rice, bread, milk powder, breakfast cereal, baby cereal, etc).

To me, the best part is that it’ss all delivered right to your doorstep!

To Asher, the best part is the boxes! If the stuff comes in a big box one day, I’ll do it up like a little house for Asher :) So far they all aren’t quite big enough. Crossing-fingers for the next order!

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Jon was lamenting a week before that he thought no one was gonna remember his birthday. Not that he feels it’s terribly important an occasion to celebrate, he was just making an observation. Little did he know that his wife was sneakily prepping his friends to meet for a surprise dinner :)

Oh man, the logistics of the affair. Besides getting in touch with his pals, deciding on the venue and time, there was the baby logistics! Had to make sure my parents were also available to watch Asher that night, had to somehow pass Asher over to them, had to pack up all of Asher’s things in secret and stealthily get them to the car. Doesn’t sound like much in writing, but whew, it took quite a bit of planning and coordination.

To cut all the in between detours and diversions to avert his suspicions, we eventually ended up at Tawandang Microbrewery at Dempsey. Had heard good things about this restaurant and we’ve been wanting to try it.

We ordered plenty of food, the pork knuckles (x2), two types of thai style omelettes (x2), grilled squid, morning glory (otherwise known as kang kong :) ) (x2), two types of tom yum, three types of fried rice, pineapple rice, chicken with cashews, etc.

My take on the food? It’s good, but not as spectacularly good as I was led to believe. In some ways it’s like a glorified Thai zhi cha, and the prices reflected that elevated status. I was particularly disappointed by the omelettes. They were nowhere near as fluffy and tasty as the ones at the streetside stalls in Thailand. It was completely flat and very thin! The oil needs to be a lot hotter people!! This was a dish I remember loving when we visited Bangkok and I couldn’t get enough of it when we were there.

The accompanying sauces were pretty good (esp the one with the grilled squid), but that’s hardly reason enough to go visit a restaurant.

The beers were not bad, and I quite liked the light, fruity taste of the Weizen beer.

I think what was best about the restaurant were its staff. They were responsive and friendly. I was particularly struck by their camaraderie. At one point during the night when most of the customers were already served, almost all the waiters and waitresses gathered inside for a sing and dance session :) Line-dancing Thai style! It was great fun to watch, and I told Jon that if I wanted to become a waitress again I’d seriously consider working there!

Anyway, some pics from that night:

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Dirty Sofa

Asher’s taken on the role of spotting defects in Grandpa’s house. He was pointing and pointing non-stop at a particular spot on the sofa, and on closer inspection we found that there was a little blackish spec there. Subsequently, if you asked him, “where’s dirty on the sofa?”, he’s quickly guide you over to the spot. How big is the spot? Super small. Try to see if you can spot it in this photo!

Then, he’d also point at a crack in one of the tiles when he passes by it. As if to say, “Grandpa, time to get this tile replaced!”

And speaking of the ‘neatness’ that he may have inherited, he went one step further yesterday. I took off my shoes and left them next to the door while I deposited my bags on the bench. He then independently went to pick them up and put them on the shoe rack, one shoe at a time!

Ok, everything in it’s proper place. Yes, Mummy said so…Mummy better follow too… :)

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Loving the Playground

I bring Asher down to the playground at least once a week for a good run around – he needs it, and deserves it! Plus, he simply loves the place! When at the multi-storey carpark, sometimes he catches a glimpse of the playground and keeps pointing to it and babbling, asking me to bring him there. When that happens I always promise to bring him after school, weather permitting.

It’s great to see the progress of his physical development. Previously he was unable to climb the steps alone, but now he can; he wasn’t able?/confident? to crawl through the tunnel, now he eagerly goes through alone :) He loves people watching there, and loves riding the rocking horses :)

It’s also a place to make new friends :)

Here’re some pics I took on a few of the playground outings.

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